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Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

Oakley Jane can supply 2 iOS and Android applications to help you during your property let and after.

You can search Oakley Jane on your devices App Store to download.


Oakley Jane's property inspection application for Apple devices has been created to remove the use of pen, paper and camera from your property inspection process.

The application produces full HD quality reports with date and time stamped photos emailed straight to a designated email address.

Designed to capture as much detail as possible to provide a detailed overview of the property condition on day of inspection, the application allows you to capture the following...

  • Are tenants present at time of inspection?

  • Were management keys used for access? Have any locks been changed?

  • The location and functionality of both smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

  • The ability to photo the above alarms.

  • Are pets, smoking or unauthorised occupancy present?

  • The ability to photo the above points.

  • The ability to capture overall room photographs of each room in the property.

  • The ability to capture any comments you wish to make about the condition of the property.

  • The ability to add up to 3 photos to back up each comment you have made.

  • The end of the report allows you to comment on cleanliness and condition of the property and garden areas, garages and shed/outbuildings.


Oakley Janes new check out report dilapidation application for both Apple and Android has been created to help calculate dilapidation cost from a check out report.

During our 20+ years of business we have come across many situations of unreasonable expectations from both tenants and Landlords. We decided to take all of our industry knowledge and create this application to help explain what should be taken into consideration.

We are passionate about our industry and believe dilapidations should not only be worked out fairly, but should also be consistent between one property manager to another, or from one Landlord to another.



Landlords should not expect betterment and by using this tool, the influencing factors during a tenancy can be clearly shown.

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